American Ways Analysis

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In the life there are a lot of challenges which builds the person and give him/her the power. Whenever there was a great goal, the desire to reach it will be stronger. Successful person who does not give up and achieves his goals with all the insistence and determination. Mostly, objectives fall within the framework of values as stated in the book American Ways by authors Maryanne Kearny Datesman, Joann Crandall, and Edward N. Kearny. The most prominent values sought by the person are the individual freedom, equality of opportunity, and material wealth. In fact, for each value of these values at a price to be paid: self-reliance, competition, and hard work. In order to individual freedom it has to be self-reliance, and for equality of opportunities…show more content…
Richard was a masterful speaker as he once said, “We cannot learn from one another until we stop shouting at one another - until we speak quietly enough so that our words can be heard as well as our voices.” (Richard M. Nixon Quotes) in defense of freedom of opinion and expression. Obviously, the perseverance and effort are crucial in order to achieve the requirement of freedom. Richard Nixon was a clear example of this, where he moved between several jobs during his life and learn a lot of lessons. During the course of his life could know how much effort and try to try everything you can even take the largest amount of experience and this thing from the ways of self-reliance. In the beginning he had his secondary education, then he had a college that was in Winter which exiting until he enrolled in law school at Duke University. He then returned to California to practice law. And then he returned to New York with his wife Pat Nixon in order to work in the federal government in 1942. Moreover, Nixon became a server in the US Navy in World War II. Clearly, it could understand that he is the person who shows the fighter he was a man looking for individual freedom that he wishes through the presidency and disseminate among the people. Nixon was elected for the state of California as a member of the US House of Representatives in 1946 and for two years and also was elected senator in 1950. In addition to that, vice President of the United States of America was elected at the age of only thirty three years, so that Nixon is the second youngest Vice President of the United States of America. As he struggled a lot in order to get to the presidential seat, he was nominated several times and lost. Moreover, he did not give up but continued to run even managed to win. Nixon 's story shows how much he suffered in order to get to the finish, where relied on himself to win many of the
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