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How Much Does the American Wirehair Cat Cost?
The American wirehair cat is a beautiful looking cat breed that is difficult to find due to its rare existence. And because they are rare, they tend to be more expensive than the other breeds. The price may vary according to a lot of factors, such as the area you live, the place where you plan to get your cat from, and the color, type and quality of the cat you wish to have.
How much does it cost?
• An American wirehair cat may cost between $750 to $1200, says (
Pet quality wirehair kittens have the lowest price since they are considered to be the lowest quality due to their aesthetic flaws. Breeding quality kittens are more expensive because they have no noticeable aesthetic flaws. The most expensive wirehair cats are the show quality type. This type has the best quality and can be shown at cat shows.
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What is it?
• What’s included in the price may vary from breeder to breeder. Typically, registration papers are included in the price.
• Breeders usually include a health certificate from a veterinarian. Depending on the agreement, the breeder will have to take the kitten back if it has a health defect during a limited period of time.
• Deworming and tests for feline immunodeficiency viruses and feline leukemia, which are very important, are normally included as well.
• The price may also cover initial vaccinations, such as rabies vaccination and distemper

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