American Women In The 1920s Essay

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The 1920s was a crazy decade for Americans. More people were now living in rural areas instead of the country side, the wealth of the country doubled, and many were buying the same things due to better advertising, but the most exciting thing was the new lifestyle changes that were happening to women. Societies view of a woman would completely change during this amazing decade. Women were now able to vote, try new fashion styles, listen to more unique music, and experience a new social freedom. The most drastic change was women’s lives in politics. Most women felt that they had a right as an American to have a part in politics just like the men did, because it affected their lives too. The 19th amendment was then passed in 1920 giving women the right to vote. You would think every woman would be happy and excited about this, but many women were not. They believed that voting was a part of a man’s role, not a women’s. Everyone had the attitude that women’s lives should be centered around home, cleaning, and family, while men’s lives should be about politics and money. Even though women were a little hesitant about this new right they now had, they eventually…show more content…
The 19th amendment especially. It finally gave women a say so in the political world for the first time ever, and it would forever change how society viewed women in political positions. For example, Hillary Clinton. If it was not for the 19th amendment being passed, she might have not ever been given the chance to be Secretary of State, and be running for President of the United States. If you think about it, that one decision could decide who our next president could be. I think it was great for the 19th amendment to pass, because it gave women a lot more freedom that they should have already had way before 1920. I could not imagine not having the same rights that men had, and I take for granted how many freedoms I have
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