American Women In Ww2 Essay

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Women at home and serving America This paper seeks to address where women contributed the most during WW2. Did women have a greater contribution to the war efforts through their work in factories, voluntary work or organization, or their service in the military/nursing? American women played an important role during the World War II, both at home and in uniforms. Not only did these women give their sons, husbands, fathers, and brothers to the war efforts, they gave their time, energy, and some had even given their lives. Women’s involvement in the military was a massive contribution during the war, because it was the first time that women were allowed to join the military forces in roles besides nursing. But women in factories played an even bigger role than women who helped served in the war. During WWII, women served in the military; they worked for the government, entered or reentered the workforce, and contributed to the war as volunteers in their societies. For the first time women were working and performing jobs that were for men.…show more content…
Six million women took wartime jobs in factories, nearly three million women had volunteered with the hospital jobs, and 200,000 served in the military. Women’s work at home had contributed to the war effort, in many different ways, but for a lot of these women they were under a lot of pressure and stress due to their families being sent off to fight in the war. Women that worked from home did a lot of voluntary work and learned to cook and take care of the children. Women that served in the military had a great contribution to women in the 1940’s, but the women working in the factories had an even bigger
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