Americanization Of Benjamin Franklin By Gordon S. Wood Summary

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A founding father, scientist, author, inventor, diplomat and "First American" along with many other things Benjamin Franklin was a very well-known man. Gordon S. Wood a professor of History Emeritus at Brown University, and recipient of the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for history for the Radicalism of The American Revolution is also the author of "The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin." A book written to describe many events that Franklin took part in or things that happened to him that people may not know of. Although the book is very factual, the substantial vocabulary and lengthiness of the book itself make it very hard to maintain focus.
Wood is known for his background in teaching and education of history. Also with the awards he has won such as the Bancroft Prize which is known as one of the most prestigious awards in the field of American History writing it comes to show that he is very educated and cut out to be the one to right this informatory book. In Wood's work he states that "Franklin was not even destined to be an American. How he became one is the theme of this book," showing that the main idea or ideas are to show how Franklin came …show more content…

One being the view of his loyalty to the British crown, and trying so hard to become a part of the British power. Then to the next where Franklin becomes torn between Europe and America. Although Franklin felt as if he was doing no wrong going in between the two, they each had a different perspective on him. Seeing as to both nation's took a liking to Franklin for his honesty and his many portraits of different personalities, Europe however did not represent Franklin for his democratic views. With still his opinions and outlooks on things were valued just a greatly in America as they were Europe. All throughout Wood's book the reader will see insight from both sides and be able to imply ones own outlook on Franklin's loyalty to the

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