Americans Should Be Allowed To Vote

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“A vote is like a rifle, its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.” - Theodore Roosevelt

Do we need uneducated, random, and altogether unconstitutional forced votes clogging up our ballot? Those rallying for compulsory voting boast better representation of the lower class. If compulsory voting is so grand then please do explain why so many countries (the majority even.) do not enforce or even avoid their compulsory voting laws in place. The lower class needs to be better represented, the middle class strengthened, more Americans need to vote, but forcing people to is not the answer.

Here is the problem. Minorities, the young, and the poor, vote in much smaller numbers. Making up to thirty-five percent of all non voters, and
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Australia will accept (but not require) a written excuse as to why any constituent could not come out to poll on the required date. They will accept just about any excuse including “I did not feel like it” or even a statement as vague as “I was busy” without any form of justification or specifics. Again, that is not why to enforce a law. If it is worth implementing it is worth enforcing! Australia still pays people to sift through the excuses and authorize them. Of which they usually always pass due to orders to do so or the authorized just not caring enough. That is labor being driven by taxpayer money. With a zero percent chance of making it up due to the lack of fees. Not enforcing is not just a waste of time and money initially to have it passed, but also as it is in place due to the money it costs if America decides to semi-enforce. A cost effective way to fix the lopsided polls needs to be found as an alternative. (Galston, William A. “Telling Americans To Vote, or…show more content…
Compulsory voting has proven to better represent the young, poor, and minorities who tend not to vote. However, it is not cost effective. The labor involved and the cost to pay for the jurisdiction and congressmen to pass it is extremely high. America would lose more money a year on this system and further drive down already struggling sectors such as social security and education by being forced to draw even more of their finds a way. As it stands now the concept is not constitutional, an altar to the first and twenty-fourth amendments would be required at least, and that would still not guarantee it to pass. Finally, as results have shown it is often difficult or even not worth enforcing. Causing either dishonesty or the entire system to be thrown out the window. Is it truly worth all this time and money to attempt an idea that might blow up in the American people face strictly to help people who are too lazy to head out to the polls? Is it truly that impossible to head out one day for less than an hour, check some names and propositions on a paper and leave? People need to head out to the poll, people need to fix the American system, but that all starts with the American citizen. If there is a better, let alone astoundingly successful system out there to fix this problem, America should review and consider it. But as it stands now, citizens should not be required to vote, they should have the pride as an American to have their voice heard and make a
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