America's First Immigrants Essay

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America’s First Immigrants

1.Explain the three theories for how the first Americans arrived in the western hemisphere; list evidence that strengthens and weakens each theory.

A.The discovery of a well-preserved historic site in South America alludes to human life over one thousand years earlier than the original theory.

•Three human footprints, two pieces of mastodon meat, and small samples of herbal medicine that originate near the Andes were uncovered. These finds are dated at least 1,000 years prior to the earliest clovis sites in North America.

B.A radical theory argues that people from the Stone Age originate from Europe around the ice sheets to the western hemisphere.

•There’s a strong resemblance between Clovis tools and weapons from ice age Europe.

•The Solutrean laurel leaf is very similar to the Clovis point and seems to have been made using the same kind of technique.

•Simple stone blades and points associated with a hearth were uncovered. They were carbon dated and found to be around 19,000 years old.

C.Many archaeologists now accept the west coast theory as the most likely solution to the origin of the earliest human
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Time is a constant stream of events unfolding in an asymmetrical pattern. Each event can serve as a precondition for events to follow. Humans have learned from their mistakes just as they have learned from their accomplishments. After several outbreaks of smallpox and influenza, vaccines were developed. After living for years as nomads, people began to develop highly organized societies that allow residents to live in one area for a longer amount of time. The Indians who first lived in the western hemisphere left artifacts behind. The knowledge we have gained from people who lived millennia ago impact the choices we make every day. Things that have happened in the past have a way of evoking opinions and alternate ways of

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