America's Gift To My Generation Essay

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“America’s Gift to My Generation” Most children wouldn’t call school a gift, but it provides you with a ton of information you need to know about everything. School is actually one of the greatest gifts we’ve ever received, because all of the benefits of public schools, the social aspect of all education, and a variety school types. Did you know, (according to CAPE [Council for American Private Education]) that over seventy percent of all students attend public schools? According to The Washington Post, public schools actually out-perform private schools (in certain areas). Besides lunch, most schools that are open to the public, are completely free, therefore, it 's not a challenge for anyone to attend. The one thing that doesn’t really change…show more content…
Although teachers’ main purpose is to teach students, there are those rare few educators that befriend their students, which typically makes the children less stressed out, because the teachers they have befriended will not seem intimidating. Teachers are often viewed as ominous, and students normally eschew their teachers, but what they don’t always notice that teachers dedicate their career to helping and educating their assigned kids, which is, really, a gift on its own. Besides a variety of teachers, there are also tons of types of schools to choose from. Across the world, there are many different ways to make students educated. Some of those options include boarding, homeschool, online, private, charter, etc. The variety really helps students get the type of schooling they want, and what they need. Older generations didn’t have the choice of online school. The kids of the my generation can go to charter schools, where you only go to a few days a week, as apposed to, all seven hours that public schools last, furthermore, this is an amazing opportunity when a child has a difficult time paying attention. Overall, all different types of education have varying benefits. The children who share my generation get the gains of public schools, the social factor of education, and the many types of schooling. I personally believe that school is one of the, if not the most important part of your
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