America's Grading System

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Every year over 1.2 million kids drop out of high school in the United States. One fourth of kids will fail high school in their life. Nobody seems to question why these students are failing, other than that they are not trying hard enough. America 's grading system is flawed compared to the rest of the world, and there is many ways this problem could be fixed.
Getting a zero and an assignment drops the final grade on a subject massively, and getting an F means the same score. (Syrie) After the decrease from fifty-nine percent, there is still the other forty-one percent a student could fail at. To solve the problem of report cards being filled with zeros, an F should no longer count as a zero on assignments. A zero on an assignment is only for
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This is a high requirement, with very little room for students to make errors. If a student is average at a subject with a C grade, this subject for them is not too easy and not too hard, and should be able to pass. The passing point in grades is so high to keep students from making mistakes. Therefore, forming the required grade to pass a class from a B to a C would increase the rate of classes passed successfully in schools. This will work well for students who are average at subjects are not failing in them, nor excelling the expectations, and are simply in the middle. Often, a student is not given a chance to correct their grade or make up missing work. When grades are low, it is most likely because of a small error, work that isn’t turned in, or they forgot to answer a question. Adjusting retakes for all major grades would help lift grades and increase graduation rates in schools across America by a small amount.
Although the American grading system is strict, it is not the worst, and could only use minor adjustments. If a student is truly struggling in school, they can receive extra help from a tutor outside of classes. The American grading system helps keeps students in line, and pushes them to put in their best effort in
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