America's Key To Freedom Analysis

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A vehicle made of shiny steel, rubber wheels, and a gas engine gives America its name and fame. The automobile symbolizes America’s legacy of freedom because it allows ease in job, home, and entertainment. To begin, the automobile broadens the options for the working class through a larger spectrum of places to settle and a larger salary for the average person. For the citizens of America owning a car means being able to arrive at work from wherever they may live, despite the circumstances. In “America’s Key to Freedom” Carol Domblewski states that” They had mobility any time they wanted, not just when a train schedule said they had it.” Working citizens are able to get in the car and drive to their job at whatever time they need to be there from wherever they live. There is no thought of what time the train will come or how long it will take to get to the train. The people can sleep better when they don’t have to get up three hours before work, therefore getting to work more healthy and…show more content…
The average American is able to see much more of America because of their automobile. Americans can go on road trips anywhere they want without boarding a train or bus. Carol Domblewski states that “Tourism became possible for more people, as a car allowed anyone to travel far away from home and in any direction a road led.” As long as there is a road citizens can travel to amusement parks, theatres, and circuses. There is never the limit of distance. In addition, citizens can also visit nearby parks, movie theatres, and shopping malls without having to get on a bike or walk. “America’s Key to Freedom” says that “Youur options for shopping or entertainment would suddenly shrink, too. (without a car)” Without cars citizens can only shop at the malls closet to them and only visit the parks nearby home. The automobile allows the average American to travel and be entertained in places near and
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