America's Pastime In The 1920s

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“Crack! back, back, gone!” Baseball, America 's debatable favorite pastime. Baseball officially became America 's pastime in the 1920s(PBS). Baseball is America 's pastime, the sport somehow stayed popular through many economic endeavors and national hardships. Many debate on whether football is America 's favorite pastime now but football has not had to go through a rough time in American history and it has not thrived in America for as long as baseball has.(Flom)
Baseball was invented in Cooperstown, New York in 1839 by Abner Doubleday. In 1845 Alexander Joy Cartwright developed the rules of baseball(PBS). Baseball has been played throughout the good and bad in America… played from the Industrial Revolution through the Cold War and still popular today(Flom)! Americans started playing baseball in
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In baseball no one is worried about the clock or stressed about the time. Baseball is a laid back sport and players or fans do not have to stress about time on the clock. Baseball is statistically driven and that may be one of the reasons much older fans like the game. Baseball is also a team sport, not any one player can win the game; everyone has to work together and make the plays and score runs too. Baseball has constant strategy like when a left handed batter gets up to bat and he pulls the ball a lot. The opposing team will put a shift on and move everyone towards the right side of the field. Most of all, baseball has history, not just in America but around the globe.
There now is a debate on whether baseball or football is America’s favorite pastime. Yes, football has more viewers but football only has sixteen regular games; baseball has 162 regular season games. Football is also only on one time a week for each team; baseball is on almost everyday or every other day. Therefore, baseball would have less viewers because in football you only have one day of the week and it is usually a Sunday; many do not have anything better to do on a Sunday afternoon and

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