America's Relationship With Native Americans In The 19th Century

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During King William’s War in 1689 to 1697, the French and their Native American allies attacked isolated settlements in New England. The French explorers first interacted with Native Americans in the 15th century and were different from the British in their relationship with Native Americans. They often lived among them and adopted many of their ways of life including, learning their native languages, marrying the Natives, trading furs for weapons, and help to mediate the allied tribes and other tribes that offered protection from the Iroquois. The hostilities between the French and English continued on to form Queen Anne’s War (also called The War of Spanish Succession) in 1702. As the French and their allies attacked Massachusetts and South…show more content…
Americans often call it The French and Indian War and there was a concern about which nation would control the North American continent. The war spilled over into the North American colonies due to conflicts between French and England in Europe: The French and Indian War. The French and Indian War started in 1754 and lasted until 1763, and was fought between the British Empire and the French empire in North America. This was the war with the English against the French and their native American allies, and the war ended in 1763 with the signing of the Peace of Paris. Because the war was fought on the North American continent, this was how the Seven Years War broke out in 1756, lasting for seven years as the title suggests until 1763. The Treaty of Paris in 1763 ended the Seven Years War. The War of 1812 between the US and the British Empire also took place in North America, wherein the US wanted to expand its borders into the northwest. So overall, the European nations of England and France were almost constantly at war with each other from 1690-1750. These wars over the two centuries were the results of England 's wars for empire and were all in Europe and eventually spilled into North America, making them take part in the wars as
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