America's Right To Independence In The 1600s

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America’s Right to Independence The British set up and maintained full control over the colonies by the mid to late 1700s. Colonists weren 't happy with the way they were being ruled and therefore they felt they had the right to declare independence. A multitude of events led to the desire of being separate from Britain. Many argue that the colonists were in the right for splitting from Britain since they weren 't treated properly. The poor people in Britain, who were laborers, servants and farmers had little chance of owning their own land. They lived as tenants of the rich and usually worked for them. Changes happened slowly with the techniques of farming, thus farmers and farm laborers were left without jobs. Many went to British cities in hope of finding work. There they found horrible conditions, such as overcrowding and poverty. Because of these conditions they considered starting anew in the British colonies in North America (Anderson 8; Wood 13). In the 1600s to mid 1700s, the British government left the colonies mostly alone to govern themselves. This became known as salutary neglect. As long as everything went smoothly the colonies could govern themselves.Britain allowed for salutary neglect in hopes that it would help the colonists stay loyal and save them money. Britain did appoint royal governors to run the colonies, but colonists also…show more content…
They needed new laws and systems to rule them and they had to deal with the issue of bringing in French speaking people into an English speaking land. Britain also had to deal with the British colonists that wanted to keep moving west. Officials feared that further attempts by colonists to settle the West would infuriate Native Americans, and lead to more fighting between colonists and Indian tribes (Anderson
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