America's Rights Persuasive Speech

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On the night of October 1, 2017 a man named Stephen Paddock shook America with the chaos of the Las Vegas shooting. He killed 58 people and injured hundreds with a legally acquired rifle. He had the freedom to acquire the weapon but not the freedom to use it in order to do harm and leave people without mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. Although that night was the biggest mass shooting on U.S soil, it also brought out the true patriot and hero inside of some people who saved countless lives on that tragic night. Even in the midst of chaos some people remember where they’re from and fight back against evil trying to deter America’s morale and hope. They’re true American heroes. After that night many people questioned their sense of security…show more content…
What makes this country beautiful and special is that we respect people 's rights to have a different opinion. People that take a knee during our national anthem have the right to do so and express their opinion on how they feel about America. But that is what freedom means in this country. There will be people who have an opinion that we will never agree with, but as long as it is not illegal, we will be able to object to what they’re saying because it is both of our rights to do so. However no matter what opinions you agree or disagree with, there will always be men and women in a uniform who are fighting for your right and freedom to even have an opinion. They are true American heroes. Americans as a whole at the end of the day respect each other 's opinions and try to see it from other people 's perspectives without being quick to judgement. It is our freedom to express a valid opinion without it being suppressed by a higher power just because it is different from popular opinions. What does it mean to be an American? To me an American is being brave and strong. Being an American is loving thy neighbor and respecting each other. Being an American is standing tall and proud during the national anthem or taking a knee. No matter how you decide to use your rights and freedom to express your opinion, being an American is the greatest privilege on planet Earth. We’re all true American
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