America's Turning Point In The United States

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The election of the first president of a new nation would seem to be that country’s political turning point, but in the case of America’s election of George Washington, it was not. The United State’s Government was still a bicameral legislature and had two opposing political parties, Federalists and Antifederalists. It was only when the first transfer of power took place in The Revolution of 1800 that American politics had reached their turning point. This was the first case of a change in government where no blood was shed, the First Party System disintegrated, and the next three presidents were from a totally new political party. For the election of President Washington to be considered the climax of early American politics, significant…show more content…
The first major change this event brought to American government and politics was there was a shift of power without bloodshed. The shift from John Adams, a Federalist, as president, to electing Thomas Jefferson, a new Republican candidate, caused minor bickering within Congress but there was no uproar about the change in government. This was very different from America’s past. When the colonies tried to change their government when the British were in control, war broke out and it caused a divide in America between Patriots and Loyalists. No such divisions was so harshly created. But, the election of Jefferson as president did create a new party called the Jeffersonians, or Jeffersonian republicans. This new division of parties, from Federalists versus Anti Federalists to Federalists versus Republicans was not a major split that divided america. The creation of Republicans just signified the end of the First Party System. The next change brought about by Jefferson’s election was who was running the country. After Thomas Jefferson served his two terms in office, two more Republican Presidents succeeded him. James Madison and James Monroe followed in Thomas’s footsteps by continuing his work to reverse Federalists policies, such as the excise tax and Judiciary Act of 1801. Jefferson strongly believed that expansion into the west was the key to a strong nation, purchased Louisiana from the French government for 15 million dollars. The next two Republicans, who were , with Jefferson, also known as the Virginia Dynasty, also continued western expansion. The continued to allow poorer citizens to pay off western lands as they built and worked their farms on it. These strong changes in politics and government caused by the Revolution of 1800 are the reason for this event being the climax of the early government of the United States of
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