Amerigo Vespucci: 2nd Degree Murder

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Amerigo Vespucci - 2nd Degree Murder

Vespucci suspected that the natives wanted to kill him and his men. They had been talking and acting as if they wanted to kill them. Vespucci and his men became worried and were intimidated by the tribe. Vespucci and his men started thinking whether they should kill before they kill, but ended up on deciding to just leave and pretend like nothing had ever happened. Vespucci and his men made their journey back to their ships. Vespucci wanted nothing more to do with the tribe because he and his men had felt threatened, so they decided to be respectful and just leave before something bad was going to happen. Vespucci and his men had no intention to murder anybody, they were trying to avoid getting murdered by leaving right then and there.

While Vespucci and his men were going to find their ships in order to leave, the natives followed them to their ships. Vespucci and his men thought that they might have been amazed as to how their ships were built compared to their own and would like to get a closer look at them. Vespucci and his men realised that the natives had been following them with weapons. They didn’t think much of this until they were closest to
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The reason why is because once they had reached their boats the natives started shooting their bow and arrows at Vespucci and his men. In order to scare them off Vespucci got on his ship and backfired with 2 cannon bombs. Vespucci shot the cannons more to scare them off than to kill them. Vespucci did kill many, and he admits that. Vespucci did not come to the island to kill, he came there to meet new people and possibly learn and trade with them. The natives had attacked first, which resulted in backfire from Vespucci out of self defense. Vespucci had a just reason to “murder” the people, and even then he just wanted to scare them off since they had been so kind to him and his men
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