Amethyst Music Concert Report

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There was a musical performance of one of the premiere American saxophone quartets, The Amethyst Quartet, on Monday, November 13th at 7:30 p.m. in the Music Concert Hall at San Jose State University. I was so excited because this is my first time that I attended a classical concert that only played by saxophones. There were four different types of saxophones being played, which included a soprano, an alto, a baritone and a bass saxophone. The program contained the Partita IV in D major, BWV 828, the Songs for the Coming Day, the Cerulean and the Andante et Scherzetto. The concert had three sections which were separated by short break. The second piece was . It opened with a baroque music - the Partita IV in D major, BWV 828 which was composed…show more content…
The first movement of Cerulean, which was composed by David Biedenbender, left me stunned. In the first movement, which was played in almost fifteen minutes, I could imagine immersive waves of sound approaching and then departing but in a very slow motion. The movement began with soft, hushed tones in the theme I of the section of exposition but then the sounds eventually transform into something more ecstatic in theme II. The development section started with a rubato tempo and contrast with the exposition. Then the melody resolved in the recapitulation which was slow and had soft-moving tonality. The second movement was a simple lullaby. Finally, the last movement I found the lifting tune which the soprano saxophone was played in a high volume and accompanied by a chorale played by the rest of the quartet that has been slightly distorted.
The last music piece, which was written by Pierre Lantier, named Andante et Scherzetto made a great closing to the evening with a moderately soft sound. I was really impressed at the climactic end with a coherent melody which was made by the soprano saxophone. The performance ended after almost two hours and I really enjoyed it. The concert was brilliant and I felt myself so relaxed and amazed of how stunning the instrumental music could
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