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The Amethyst The Amethyst - the birthstone of the month of February - is a gem, around which imaginative myths rang. Due to its timeless colors it is a very popular gem, which has been appreciated for thousands of years. Surname The name " Amethyst " refers back to the Greek word "amethystos" which means "preserve from drunkenness" and refers to the genesis of amethyst. Chemical composition of amethysts The amethyst belongs to the family of macrocrystalline crystals (consisting of large crystals), such as, for example, the citrine, the rose quartz or the tiger eye. The color of the amethyst ranges from light lilac tones to rich purple and is produced by the trace element iron. origin Amethyste occur in different quantities on all continents.…show more content…
In spite of his divine mission to put an end to grief and sorrow, Dionysus himself spreaded all sorts of disasters, especially after the enjoyment of ancient vine-growing. It is said that the drippled Dionysus one day, when he felt himself mortified by a mortal, swore to avenge himself on the next man who would cross his path. Then came Amethyst of the way, a young, innocent, beautiful girl, and a glowing devotee to the goddess Artemis. The angry Dionysus sent two hungry tigers, who were to tear the girl, and filled his cup with wine, To look at the drama. The all-seeing Artemis assisted and turned Amethyst into a quartz statue, as pure as her virtue. This spell protected the girl from disaster, but could not be reversed. In remorse, Dionysus shed tears in his wine. When he collapsed, he spilled the wine over the statue, creating the purplish-colored gemstone we know as amethyst . The Amethyst numerous supernatural forces are also accused of; There is hardly an evil that this gem can not - allegedly - heal. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) wrote to the amethyst the ability to dispel evil thoughts and sharpen the mind, while Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD), Roman historian and author of the Historia Naturalis The first encyclopedia), when an amethyst engraved the name of the sun or the moon and hung it around a monkey's…show more content…
From the seal of Cleopatra, an amethyst with a engraved Bacchus figure, to the amethyst necklace of Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. Of Great Britain, the Amethyst was always an attribute of power. In view of this tradition, it is not surprising that the Amethyst was very popular with the Catholic clergy in the Middle Ages. He was credited with the ability to promote chastity, and he was also called "Papststein." To date, Amethyst rings are worn by bishops. Characteristics of the Amethyste The color is the most important criterion for the value of amethysts : the more powerful shades achieve higher prices. The most valuable are amethysts in a transparent, medium to dark violet, which neither plays in the blue nor in the red - although blue or red color flashes are very popular with amethysts. Amethyst crystals have comparatively few inclusions; In the case of an amethyst, no inclusions are visible with a naked eye from a distance of 15 cm. Since the amethyst is a very popular gemstone gemstone jeweler and jeweler, it is offered in a wider range of different shapes and cuts than many other gemstones. Amethyst

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