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A shy girl that's convinced that she is an alien investigator. This interest in aliens occurred after she went missing mysteriously for six months. But she's gradually coming out of her shell and realizing what she's about. Her interests are now broadening and even taken up baseball and night sky watching. Here's a kind-hearted and gentle soul. Sadly, that's only a ruse to cover up her true self. In fact, Ami Kawashima is a princess, vein, arrogant and a propensity to using foul language. Situations often take a tragic-comical turn when others discover her dual personality. Yohsino is an incredibly kind-hearted young spirit. She's very shy at first and has difficulty communicating with others. Interestingly enough, she has another personality…show more content…
Shiro and her step-brother are both hardcore gamers. She's the kind of girl that is considered a genius with amazing logic and problem solving capabilities, and can even speak 18 different languages. Unfortunately, she has trouble deciphering human emotions and needs her step-brother's help with that. Rei Ayanami is enigmatic, cold, distant and just plain weird. And yet, she's profoundly cool in her own unique way, the kind of girlfriend every anime fanboy wanted back in the 90's. Right at the beginning of Evangelion, we all figured that she would turn out to be one of the most important characters of the series. We can only give Konata Izumi three cheers for being such a hardcore 'otaku'. Her love for anime, manga and even adult games are commendable. Perhaps, it may have to do with her father influencing her, as he enjoys playing erotic games. Therefore, it's not surprising that she works at a Cosplay Cafe and prefers her hobbies over studying. The beautiful world of anime consists of all types of unique characters, from magic-users right through to high school 'otaku'. And while they look perfectly normal, they have a hair color that's a bit on the wild side. It's time to unveil the Top 20 Blue Haired Anime

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