Amicalola Falls: A Short Story

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On the way to the top of Amicalola Falls. The mosquito and gnat bites were making me a red, itchy mess. The gooey, red blood streaming down my arms and legs from me itching, made me feel like someone was pinching me all over my entire body. One bite, another, another, and another! The constant repetitive bites were sucking the energy out of me from smacking and slapping my arms and legs. Ouch! The constant miniature needles poking into me was not making the visit as enjoyable. Every few seconds I could hear the mosquitoes buzzing by my ears. Some also got stuck in my eyes and even my mouth! It is like my skin is their food. The little red bumps on my skin didn’t look well either. Then, someone said “what smells like strawberries?” I said “my
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