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We can determine more about ourselves and others by taking risks and challenging the unknown to gain new understandings. Discovery is an experience which can be achieved as an individual or as a community. Through this experience individuals can comprehend the world from different views. Discoveries can induce the rediscovery of something that has been lost, forgotten or concealed. They can stimulate the re-evaluation of beliefs and the re-assessment of oneself and others. Furthermore, discoveries lead to new possibilities and opportunities,offering different values and ideas for an individual or community. THMichael Gow’s ‘Away’ explores a time where Australia was undergoing changes socially, politically and culturally. Similarly, the film…show more content…
In Les Miserables, the belief of one individual inspires a collective whole, giving rise to societal revolution. The slow motion high angle shot of Enjolras being shot by French soldiers metaphorically symbolises the death of the resistance. This shows the audience that although some discoveries can be desired, these ultimately do not come to fruition. The motif of Inspector Javert walking along dangerous edges symbolises his changing mentality throughout the film; from a man certain about the law and his values, to one thrust into confusion regarding his morals. This explicates to the reader that discoveries can be challenging and daunting, forcing individuals to unwillingly re-evaluate their beliefs. Through this, Hooper establishes that new beliefs at an individual level can spark revolutionary ideas at a communal level. The cinematography utilised by Hooper enables the audience to effectively engage in the theatrical dimension, allowing the generation of new beliefs for themselves. Likewise, at the beginning of Away, Coral is unable to accept her reality. The didactic language and repetition in “You won’t see another living person. You won’t bother anyone”, shows her damaged relationship with her husband Roy and her alienation from society. Towards the end of the play, Coral’s transformation is presented. The metaphor in “she 's ready to get back into the swim she says”, reveals Coral’s recovery of self and ability to ‘walk’ into the real world of the living. This portrays to the audience Coral’s distance with the world around her and the change in her

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