Amigo Brothers Brave Quotes

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“Be brave, take risks and allow the unexpected.” This quote connects to my first story argument I am doing right now Amigo Brothers. But the whole main characters in all my other stories I'm doing are all brave because they all did or are doing something or did something that maybe no other person would do or say. Antonio and Felix from Amigo Brothers, Amy from Fish Cheeks, and Thomas from The Kill Order are all brave, but Thomas is the most brave. Antonio and Felix are brave because they both had to fight each other and they wanted to fight fair. Amigo Brothers, is about two men named Felix and Antonio who are best friends. They both of think of each other as brothers because they are long best friends. They are in boxing together too.They train together and work out together, but they both have different coaches. One day they both heard that they had to fight each other in the ring. Which put them in shock and worried because in their entire boxing life they never had to fight each other before. What's worse is that this fight is a championship belt fight; which is a pretty big award for boxers. The two amigos hope that this…show more content…
She is embarrassed about her own culture. She wants to be an American girl like the others because in the story she falls in love with, Robert, an American boy in school. Amy’s mom invites Robert to Christmas dinner, Chinese style. Amy thinks that he wouldn't like Christmas that way. She wants to be like a American girl just like the others. Amy is brave allowing Robert to come to a Chinese style Christmas even though he might not like it. Her mother said, “ But inside you must always be Chinese”. This quote means that no matter what she wants to be, she will always be chinese inside her heart. Amy becomes happy with her Chinese culture and is brave to not be embarrassed
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