Amigo Brothers Quote Analysis

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This is an interesting question, and I have four quotes from different articles to answer it! Quite a few athletes can have extraordinary people skills, and strong values on, and off the field. Although not all athletes are fantastic people, that is their fault, and the reason for that is they aren 't humble, and they brag about everything they do. These quotes help explain how you can be, a humble and sportsmanlike champion. One of the skills sportsmanlike athletes can have is respect. In Amigo Brothers, Antonio and Felix are talking about a fight in which they are about to compete against each other. "No pulling punches. We go all they way," (136). This shows that they are learning to respect each other not only as friends, but other fighters.…show more content…
"Forget Fun, Embrace Enjoyment," is an article about the word fun in sports. "Sports at all levels ought to be enjoyable. This comes from embracing the many challenges of competition," (153). This sentence is talking about how striving, and working strenuously for goals in life, will cause you to be happy when you overcome a goal, and will aid you to raise your self-esteem. Difficult work can be tiring, but people will respect you for that, and you will too. Competition can also give you a mission, or a deeper meaning in life. You can find what you like and don 't like too. "Get More from Competition," a web article about five steps to help you earn more in life from competition, is the story that this quote is cited from. "Find your mission and you 'll perform at your peak," (149). This is saying that having a meaning, a purpose, is the cause of us striving, and competing in life. A large number of athletes and coaches have given inspirational speeches on having goals in life, and striving to achieve those goals. It is always important to have a goal in
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