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The Book of Negroes Young and youthful Aminata Diallo suffered through horrific situations due to the beast also known as slavery. During her childhood years, starting when she was around 11, we follow Aminata through her most embarrassing, shameful and painful moments in her life. Maybe, just maybe we learn to appreciate the little things in our own lives. When Aminata was around 11, she lived with her mother and father in the village, that we know it today as Africa. Her mother had started teaching her how to catch babies. Her mother traveled from village to village, catching babies in trade for food, cloths, animals and dishes’. One day on their way back to their village of Bayo, they were ambushed by Toubab’s (white men) and tied up.…show more content…
And left there, in the cold. “We still live, Aminata of Bayo, We have crossed the water. We have survived.” (PG136) Aminata’s friend Chekura tells her this in an attempt to comfort her. Aminata is upset she says, “We have lost our homeland, we have lost our people.” (PG 136) She feels lost and scared of the future, because she has lost everything that has ever meant anything to her. She attempted to pray as her papa did, but is warned not to, because other home landers had been beaten over praying and keeping their faith. Aminata thought to her self “ I was not to pray. Not to expose myself to beatings” (PG151) which lead her to feel as if she had given up her religion and faith, family as well as her freedom. She has lost everything. Therefore leaving her with no hope. She begins to starve her self, stop drinking, and becomes very ill. Shortly after she took ill a ship came to the island, they had been kept on. The white Toubabu men began gathering us. Aminata and her Home lander people were moved on to another ship were they were boarded off into the Toubabu’s land. The Toubabu’s land was so strange to Aminata, it seemed as if Home landers and Toubabu’s lived in harmony in this strange place. “No shackles bound their wrists or ankles, but not one of them fought or tried to run away”(PG156) Aminata did not understand why they didn’t fight or run. (Pg 162) Aminata was sold, to a slave owner. Where her and other home landers were tied together single file. And tied to the back of a cart, they walked for days without water or food. ”WE WALKED ALL DAY. NO WATER. No food. No breaks to
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