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Aminullah Chaudhry was born in 1944.He was inducted in Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP) in 1967. All through his vocation, He served at many posts extending from Deputy Commissioner Shiekhupura, Commissioner Lahore division, Finance Secretary of Punjab, Principal Secretary to caretaker Prime Minister Mairaj Khalid and Director General of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). He was the head of CAA on twelfth October 1999, when the plane carrying General Pervez Musharraf was kept from Landing in Karachi. Aminullah Chaudhry was also nominated in plane capturing case however he was later cleared by the court. This book sums up the story of Civil Service of Pakistan, from British Raj days to modern day Pakistan. Author also shares personal experiences of his time as a civil servant. Furthermore, this book also contains many other interesting stories and events which are very interesting to read. This book is about civil services in Pakistan from pre-partition days to 2000’s. The author has not only shared his encounters in Civil services and he has also discussed the history of civil services. The book contains information about the fore-runner of CSP which is Indian Civil Service (ICS). ICS was established in 1853. At the time of partition the senior most officers that opted for Pakistan were Iskander Mirza and Ikramullah. Iskander Mirza later became Governor of East Pakistan, Interior Minister of Pakistan, Governor General and finally President of Pakistan. Muhammed…show more content…
The terrible reality continuously challenges author’s dreams and expectations, putting on display both low- and high-rank civil servants’ obsessions, resilience to almost all attempts at reforming the administrative structure, perceptions or fantasies of palace conspiracies and “registry office” complexes. In turn, bureaucratic officers deficiencies and abuses either impact on or reflect the weaknesses of the Pakistani

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