Amir And Farid Conversation In The Kite Runner

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Farid takes Amir to his old house and it is completely destroyed, Amir see’s his old window and remembers when he saw Ali and Hassan leave. “I had watched Hassan and Ali load their belongings into the trunk of my father’s car.” (Hosseini 275) He also goes to see the pomegranate tree where he and Hassan used to play. Farid insists that they don’t stay long and leave. “I heard a honk and saw Farid waving at me. It was time to go.” (Hosseini 277) They stay the night at a hotel and in the morning they go to see a soccer match at Ghazi stadium. In a conversation between Amir and Farid, we can clearly see how Amir is dedicated to rescue Sohrab, “Why are you here? I mean, why are you really here? I told you. For the boy? For the boy.” (Hosseini 280). This shows Amir’s character changing from a selfish to altruistic. Like the rest of Afghanistan, the field is also destroyed, it’s all mud.
During the halftime of the game a group of talibans bring two people in a red truck and bury them up to their chest. A man comes out and recites a few verses from the Holy Quran. The Taliban then proceed to throw stones
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The Talibans tell Amir to wait and he thinks that manning up might have been a mistake. “This isn’t you, Amir. You’re gutless” (Hosseini 288) The Taliban enter the room and Amir greets them when one of the guard tears off Amir’s fake beard. The official asks him if he enjoyed the show and it wasn’t as good as when they went door to door and shot the Hazaras in Mazar –i-Sharif. The Official proceeds to ask Amir what is he doing in America, to which Amir only replies that he is here looking for Sohrab. The official tells the guards to bring Sohrab in. Sohrab is dressed in a blue silk outfit with bells hanging from his ankles and mascara on his eyes. They make Sohrab dance until the official tells the guards to leave. He asks Amir “Whatever happened to old Babalu, anyway?” (Hosseini

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