Amir And Hassan In The Kite Runner

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In the novel The Kite Runner, Hassan is a servant to Amir and Baba. Hassan is a loyal friend and companion to Amir and their relationship is like brothers. Hassan is always looking out for Amir to protect him from any danger that he could face. Hassan is extremely brave and stands up in what he believes in. He is illiterate; nevertheless he is a cleaver kid, extremely alert and knows what is going on. Every morning when Amir wakes up, Hassan has already prepared his breakfast and organised his clothes for the day. Amir often reads books to Hassan as he cannot read or write himself, and very much enjoys this. He loves the stories that Amir reads him but the best story Amir had ever read to Hassan was a fictional tale Amir made up on the spot. In the novel, there is a section where Hassan’s bravery is shown when he stands up to a bunch of bullies to protect Amir and himself. The boys are just relaxing underneath a pomegranate tree when Assef and his bully friends come along, wanting to cause trouble. Hassan was prepared and thought fast when he took out his sling shot and threatened the bullies with his weapon. Hassan was willing to blind Assef in one eye if they did not leave immediately. This seemed to work as they soon backed off. Before leaving, Assef told Hassan that he was going to get his revenge and soon…show more content…
This was extremely important as he and Amir took out the competition and to top it off, also receiving the last blue kite in the sky. Hassan was the best kite runner in the entire town and he was able to find exactly where the kite was leading, however this soon turned out to be trouble. As he was looking for the blue kite, he came across Assef and his bully friends. Assef’s revenge was worse than ever and Hassan could never live another second of his life the same again because Assef raped Hassan. This tragedy had a major effect on Hassan’s life and he would never be the same
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