Amir Baba Character Analysis

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One secret that Baba has kept from Amir has defined his whole life, made him make decisions that maybe he would have not made if he knew everything. Not knowing that piece of information has shaped Amir into a person that neither he nor his dad are proud of. In the book we see how a lot of the Characters are at fault. How the bad choices of one can affect another and another. One of the main roles in the book is leadership. There is always people making decisions and a lot of people being affected by it. A thing that is really interesting is how Amir has always looked up to baba he always wanted to impress baba if it came to the kite fight or being interested in soccer. But baba never really payed attention to Amir he would not be interested in the things his son was interested in. But that is the same treatment that Amir showed to Hassan. Everyone in class would always speak so lowly of Amir about how bad of a friend he was to Hassan, how he should have told Amir something. Yeah a lot of things that Amir did to Hassan was not right but a lot of people didn’t see the things Amir has …show more content…

He wasn’t really leaving behind anything. It was easier for him to forget all the bad he did in Afghanistan. He was no longer the son of Baba or the friend of Hassan he was just a normal refuge. But for Baba it was a complete opposite. He was no longer one of the most important man in town. He was just a middle age gas station worker. For Amir it was all he ever wanted, to be was under the raider. Not baba though he wanted to be known by all and respected by all. So in the middle of the book we see a switch. We see how Amir Character developed how he go from a scared little boy to a young confident men. The one thing that really helped Amir be that way was him not having all the pressure his dad use to give him. America was a new life for Amir but a sad lonely ending for

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