Amir In John Steinbeck's The Kite Runner

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Amir is the main character that because of his actions he is consider a wicked or villainous human. The reason why Amir is considered an iniquitous person because he treats Hassan like if he was ignominious even though Hassan acts toward as a loyal friend. When the reader scrutinizes the book the reader reacts more sympathetically than the reader otherwise might because Baba has rejected him most of his life until he graduates from high school. Amir makes the reader react more vicarious throughout the story by telling the stories on how awful his childhood was. Amir was an awful person because he did not care about Hassan’s loyalty for him. Amir in the story tries to make the reader feel sympathy for him so that the reader forgets about the…show more content…
Baba got cancer when Amir was at his best time of his life. Amir graduating was one of his best moments and he still gets a bad outcome with his father getting cancer. Amir’s life will always be bad since all the bad things he did are coming back to haunt him in different forms. The reader is always feeling sympathetic since he gets something good and then something bad happens and then the reader feels sorry since the reader doesn’t notice that Amir deserves everything that happens to him. Amir in the story goes through some awful stuff but it is not the same as what Hassan went through. Amir in the story tries to make his story harsher so that the reader forgets about Hassan and focuses in Amir. The readers are giving more sympathy to Amir than Hassan because he goes through more stuff but Amir didn’t suffer what Hassan suffered. Hassan was betrayed many times by Amir. Amir was an awful person who betrayed in many occasions Hassan who was considered his best friend. Amir tried to make the reader sympathize his actions and Amir accomplished it since the reader felt sorry and no one would image the horrors he when through. Amir also tried make the reader sympathizes more about him than Hassan. It was partially the fault of Baba of making Amir this person. Amir a selfish, reprobate, and dishonest. Amir was suffering from the pain of his past and he could not escape the

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