Comparison Of Amir And Farid In The Kite Runner

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when Amir and Farid are going to the Kabul on the way Amir see that the war left it sign everywhere. There are scenes of the destruction everywhere. Soviet tanks are blasted down and the villages are demolished. On reaching the Kabul Amir cannot recognize the buildings and for what purpose they are used, there are plenty of beggars. The trees are no more they are cut down by the soviets because according to them there may be sniper hidden in these and also cut down by the Afghans to use as fire wood. Amir stare the beard men in the Taliban patrol having guns in the back of red pickup passes. Farid yells at the Amir that the Taliban will make any excuse for the violence and then an old beggar also takes Farid side. The beggar says, that once there is a literature professor whose name was Sofia Akram. Sofia Akram was the mother of Amir so Amir ask several question about her from the beggar and then they leave.
Amir and Farid are in the search of orphanage as they think there may be a chance to find sohrab. Zaman is cautious. He is the director, and he doesn’t admit that he have seen the sohrab until he came to know that Amir is half uncle of sohrab. Amir and Farid come to know that orphanage once was the storage area for
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Because baba don’t love Hassan openly and felt guilty of that and that thing took out on the Amir. Baba built orphanage to redeem himself and Rahim khan left the keys of that deposit box which is to fulfill the expense of the Amir. Next morning Amir gave the names of the American couple to Farid that was running the orphanage. Amir spends his whole day playing the cards with Sohrab who is not in condition to speak properly. Amir thought that Peshawar might not be safe place any more, and when Farid come to know that there is never an American couple to take care of Sohrab. Amir left for the Islamabad wit

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