Amir Is Selfish And Cowardness In The Kite Runner

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The story ‘The Kite Runner’, written by Khaled Hosseini, takes place mainly during the war in Afghanistan. After the country became a republic instead of a monarchy, the former Soviet Union invaded the country. Many years later, the Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist movement , seized power in Afghanistan. This was accompanied by intense violence and the consequences were immense. Not only was Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, almost entirely destroyed, but the cost to human life was also huge. The Kite Runner describes the life of Amir. Before the war, he lived in Kabul with his father Baba, their servant Ali and Ali’s son Hassan. Hassan and Ali are from a lower class than Amir and Baba, but Amir and Hassan are best friends regardless. In this essay the assertion ‘Amir is selfish and…show more content…
Amir made Hassan do things Hassan didn’t actually feel like doing. Firing walnuts to the neighbour’s dog, for instance. Ali always got mad at Hassan when he caught them, but Hassan never told Ali that it was Amir’s idea. Amir also took advantage of Hassan’s illiteracy for his own pleasure. Amir used to read poems, riddles and stories to Hassan, but he sometimes changed the stories and Amir teased him with words Hassan didn’t know the meaning…show more content…
His shame for being so selfish and cowardly, while Hassan always was faithful to him. Amir wanted to get rid of Hassan. Therefore, he planted his new watch and some Afghani bills under Hassan’s mattress. He thought Baba would condemn him for this. Although he knew that Amir betrayed him, Hassan said to Baba that he stole the watch and the money. Baba forgave him, but Ali decided to leave anyhow. This act was cowardly of Amir. He decided that he wanted to get rid of Hassan instead of facing his problem and express his regret to Hassan. In 1981 Amir and Baba fled from Afghanistan and went living in the
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