Amir Sinned In The Kite Runner

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Through the novel , The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini , Amir had sinned. Amir sinned in different occasions and most were towards family or friends. Once he lied to Baba, his father, just to try to have a closer relationship. Another time was when he witnesses his friend get raped. A third sin was when he would tease his friend. These sins cause guilty feelings in Hassan throughout his life. Baba,Amir’s father, did not have a close relationship with Amir as he did with Hassan. Amir was jealous of Hassan for having this relationship. Baba thought well of Hassan so Amir decides to set up Hassan. “I lifted Hassan's mattress and planted my new watch and a handful of Afghan bills under it.”(Hosseini 104) Amir told Baba that he was missing…show more content…
Assef was one of the bullies. During the Kite Running Hassan chased the Kite. Amir when to look for him and finally he hears Hassan with Assef and two other boys. Amir watches as Hassan gets raped. He had this guilt with him all his life. "I don't know my father says it's sinful."(Hosseini 75) Amir knows this is sinful but still doesn't try to help him out. The reason he didn't do anything was because of fear. Amir wasn't always nice to Hassan. He always teased him when he didn't know something. “yes I lied and I thought of how I had used my literacy to ridicule Hassan and how I teased him about big words he didn't know.” (Hosseini 29) This brought Hassan’s education down hill because he believes what Amir says. Amir had sinned throughout the novel. He lied, witnessed a sin and never told anyone, and was putting his own friend down. Amir knew that Baba’s moral was to not steal because it was a sin, purposely he hides his own stuff under his friends bed. He saw Hassan getting raped without telling anyone or doing anything. Also he would lie and teach him wrong infortmation. It can be a selfish act or an act of fear. Either way it is a sin and some follow him as he gets
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