Amir Villain Character Analysis

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Amir is the villain of The Kite Runner because he is greedy for Baba’s love, this leads to his disloyalty to Hassan and demonstrates his cowards because of his feelings of his guilt. Amir, although living a luxurious life feels something is missing, and it’s his father’s approval, he would do anything for it. After winning the kite tournament went to search for Hassan to see him surrounded by Assef and his two friends but, “Behind him, sitting on piles, of scraps and rubble, was the blue kite. [His] key to Baba’s heart” (71). All he cared about was the kite he cut in the tournament, he even sacrificed his best friend just for his father’s love. Not only does he not help Hassan, but also has these thoughts afterward, Hassan put his life on the line and Amir starts to think, “Nothing was …show more content…

At the two friend’s pomegranate tree, what was supposed to be a nice afternoon with each other turned into something messy as Amir started to throw pomegranates at him, “I don't know how many times I hit him. All I know is that, when I finally stopped, exhausted and panting. Hassan was smeared in red like he’d been shot by a firing squad. I fell to my knees, tired, spent, frustrated” (92-93). Amir thinks if he can get Hassan to hit him back, it would stop the guilt, Hassan who is so loyal wouldn't hurt him. Amir finally did the worst possible thing to Hassan and his father Ali, trying to get them fired Amir, “lifted Hassan’s mattress and planted my new watch and a handful of Afghan bills under it” (104). He betrayed Hassan and Ali, the two people who cared about him the most, and the two people he himself cared about the most. Amir is a coward and even though one would feel bad for him, he did things that couldn't be forgiven. Although he just wants his father’s love which readers can understand, it gave him no right to do any of these things to Hassan and

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