Amir's Influence In The Kite Runner

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People in our life can influence us in many ways. People like our family, friends or close relatives can influence us. In the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Amir’s character has been shaped and heavily influenced by Baba, for shaping him into the man he is, also Hassan for showing him that forgiving is important and Sohrab for helping him redeem himself.

Sohrab was one of the few characters that influenced Amir because he helps him redeem himself. When Amir goes to Pakistan because Rahim Khan tells him that he is sick and wants to see him, Rahim tells him, “I want you to go to Kabul. I want you to bring Sohrab here.”(Pg. 220) I think the quote is trying to tell us that Rahim new how much Amir wanted to redeem himself so he gave
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Therefore I think Hassan knew he had let Amir know that he would always find a friend in Kabul. In doing that Hassan showed Amir that forgiving is important and never too late.

The last character to influence Amir was Baba because he shaped Amir into the man he is. In the letter that Rahim Khan left for Amir when he arrived back in Pakistan in the hospital, he reads, “When he saw you , he saw himself.” (Pg.301) This quote suggest that Amir realizes that when Baba was hard on him it was because he wanted him to be a better man than Babe. In addition Baba felt like he needed Amir to be a good man and the only way was to be hard on him. Therefore without Baba and the way he was with Amir, He wouldn't have been the man he grew up to be.

In the novel, Amir was shaped and influenced by the other characters. Amir was influence by Sohrab because he helped him redeem himself. Hassan helped him realize that forgiving is a big part in life. Baba made him into the man he is in ways he thought were the best. The author, Khaled Hosseini, is showing us that everyone in our lives have shaped us into who we are today or who were gonna be in the
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