Amir's Power In The Kite Runner

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I believe the source of Amir’s power is in his ethnicity because he was born in a higher class. I also believe that Hassan had some power since he was the son of Baba. Throughout the book, you can see that Hassan had lived a plight free life. Amir would always scoff at Hassan about literature, even though Hassan is unschooled. Hassan always stayed loyal, although I would think he would feel animosity towards Hassan. I also think that Hassan’s passive ways have power over Amir. Amir hates that he cannot undo what he did, or have Hassan deal the same pain onto him. This makes Amir feel bad because he knows that he has hurt Hassan. While Hassan doesn 't hurt Amir back, Amir is handling things in a pragmatic way. Amir’s goal was to get rid of Hassan.
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