Amir's Relationship Between Father And Father

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We have all dealt with neglection at some point as a problem in life. Some who deal with parent neglection or disconnection with either a mother or a father, possibly even a sibling or society. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a novel about the narrator Amir and his journey in life and how he believes his half-brother receives more attention from his father which causes Amir’s relationship with his father to be affected. While Father by Alice Walker is an excerpt about a woman and her reflection on her relationship with her father and how she regrets her action and choices when she was younger wishing to have alter her relationship. The authors convey conflict to create tension in the novel and excerpt. The Kite Runner reveals how Amir and his father Baba create tension through the conflict of Hassan affecting Amir’s relationship with his father. In the excerpt “Father”…show more content…
For instance, on paragraph 5 it states, “Perhaps if I could have relaxed and been content to be his favorite, there would have been a chance for closeness.” This proves that she does not blame her siblings, but instead she blames herself l. On the excerpt it also states in paragraph 5 it states, “but because a sister of whom I loved was clearly not favorite material I did not want to be either.” This evidence highlights the fact that Alice chose her sister’s over her father’s affection and attention. In other words, the narrator Alice loved her siblings and she chose not to be the favorite, she only blames herself nobody else. Consequently, Alice does not blame only of her siblings on her lack of closeness with her father but explains she chose not to be the favorite. As a result, the narrator includes tension between her father since she never got close to him causing the narrator to feel some sort of regret in her
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