Amir's Relationship In The Kite Runner

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Amir is the protagonist and narrator in The Kite Runner. He is a Pashtun and Sunni Muslim. Since the beginning of the book, the reader might believe that Amir is immoral or iniquitous since he would test Hassan’s loyalty and slightly tease him too. A conflicted character, Amir struggles between the logical and emotional sides of his being. Amir is also a coward. Whenever Amir and Hassan went out, Amir would be ashamed of being seen with Hassan and when the neighborhood bully, Assef, would terrorize them, Amir did not call Hassan a friend but his servant in order to protect himself. But by the end of the book Amir begins to be seen in a new light, when he goes back to Pakistan and finds out Hassan had been killed, he looked for Hassan’s son Sohrab and the book ends when both Amir…show more content…
Amir was jealous of all the attention Baba would give Hassan, instead of giving it to him, his son. For example Baba once gave Hassan the gift of fixing his cleft lip, and Amir got jealous and instead of being happy for his friend, he tried to assert himself by passive- aggressively attacking Hassan. Another example of Amir being immoral, after the Kite tournament. (Hosseini, pg. 75) At the end of it, Hassan goes to catch Amir’s kite but takes a really long time. Amir goes to look for him but finds him cornered by Assef and his friends. “‘Fine,’ Assef snapped. ‘All I want you weaklings to do is hold him down. Can you manage that?’..... Assef knelt behind Hassan,.....” The two Neighborhood boys hold Hassan down while Assef rapes him. Amir does absolutely nothing to stop this from happening. It is difficult to know exactly why Amir did nothing. Maybe because he is just a coward, or because he did not want Hassan to receive Baba’s love anymore. In any case, Amir did nothing to help

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