Amish And Australian Culture Essay

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In the world today, there are many different cultures that share similarities or have difference to one another. Nowadays most cultures live in a modern westernised modern society, that consists of the trends of today and using the modern technologies the world has supplied. Amish society is a Christian religious group that are direct descendents of the Anabaptists of sixteenth century Europe. Amish communities are mainly found in North America’s states; Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. They live a life of simplicity and moves slower than the diverse westernised society, as they do not accept new technologies as quickly the rest of the western society. Meanwhile the Australian culture is very multicultural, with the population…show more content…
One being, the men are seen the head of the house, are to be obeyed constantly and tending to the farm and animals, which is part of the patriarchal society. Meanwhile the women are subordinate to their husbands and fathers, and are expected to maintain the household while providing education and supervision to the children, with only 3% of Amish women having jobs outside of the household. In the Amish culture, the men and women have specific dress codes that influence their gender roles. Women dress modestly and practical for their chores, it being a cape, long dress with an apron to cover it and black stockings that are usually worn underneath. Young women being to wear the cape and apron in their teenage years to symbolise that they’re ready to start learning their chores. The Amish women style of dress being modest, is result of believing that the type of modesty in the style of dress is necessary to keep their heart and bodies
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