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The Amistad Case This essay is about the Amistad case from 1942. All started in Sierra Leone were African slave traders captures illegally many Africans, including Joseph Cinque, for selling them to Portuguese slave traders. Most of the Africans that were captured were send in the slave ship “Tecora”. This slaves were taken to Havana, Cuba where they were sold to José Ruiz and Pedro Montez and went in the ship called “Amistad”. One of the day Cinque led a revolt, killing the captain and the cook of the ship, they prisoned Ruiz and Montez for them to take them over again to Africa but instead they went opposite direction and landed in the United Sates where they went to jail and to a trial with the charges of murdering. There were a lot of things happening during the trip in the Amistad. But we are going to start in when Cinque, led the revolt. First of…show more content…
Slaves forced Ruiz and Montez to take them back to Africa but instead they landed in the U.S, U.S navy ship captured the Amistad ship and the slaves were taken to jail and then to trial and finally Mr. Baldwin won the case and let the slaves went back home in Sierra Leone, Africa. Now I’m going to explain a little bit of the principal characters of this case. Joseph Cinque was born in Sierra Leone, Africa in 1814, His exact born date is still unknown. He was a rice farmer, married and had three children, he was one of the captured in 1939. He was send in the Tecora and after in the ship La Amistad where he was send to Jail in the United States and also to trial, with a charge of murdering. For him it was difficult for understand what was happening because of the difference of language. In 1942 he and other 30 Africans were send home in Sierra Leone. Also, John Quincy Adams was an important part for this story because, he helped a lot in this type of causes related to slavery. He was the sixth president of the United States he was born on July 11, 1767 in Massachusetts and he was son
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