Amistad Research Paper

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The opposing arguments were that the Spanish government believed that the slaves had needed to be given back to ensure that slavery stayed. The Abolitionist wanted slavery to be gone. The Africans just wanted to go home and be free, while the Spanish planters wanted slaves. But, Baldwin just wanted money and Van Buren just wanted to be re-elected. So, everybody had different opinions about this case. The conditions aboard the slave ship, The Amistad, were so very terrible and so grieving that the slaves rebelled against the ship owners and their crew, killing most of the crew. It 's not part of the question, but, in my opinion, the slaves had a very good reason to kill the crew of the ship. I mean, if I were a slave, I would 've killed them all the first chance I got, and honestly, I would show them no mercy. Anyway, the conditions were so terrible that when a baby was born aboard the ship, the mother would often jump ship with the baby in her arms. The women did this because they would not want the babies to live in the conditions and do the hard, tiring labor that the other slaves did. So, that 's how bad the…show more content…
Know it all, Spoiled little politician. Van Buren was against letting the slaves go back to Africa because he wanted to get a lot more votes from the southern states, which, as you should know, were all for slavery. So, to get political gain, keep the slaves. Van Buren was probably a very good politician, but made the wrong move in the Amistad case. In the Amistad case, Queen Isabella and the Spanish government wanted to get the slaves back so they could have "their" slaves or "property". In my opinion, I think the owners should have paid for the return of the cargo known as the slaves of the Amistad. I say this because they did terrible things to the slaves and caused much pain to them. I think they also gave Spain a bad rep. Besides, if you do some sort of a crime, you must pay for it. Why shouldn 't
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