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Pickling in India has a long history which began about 4000 years ago. The techniques of pickling are believed to have originated from India. It is believed that cucumbers were the first food that was pickled and eaten at the Tigris valley in India.The major verities of pickles used in India are:
Sweet mango pickle-
It is important one in the pickle family. It is mostly found in south and north Indian states. It is prepared by cutting mangoes into small pieces and then adding sugar syrup on top of it. They are then kept in an air-tight container to make it soft.
Amla pickle or Indian gooseberry pickle-
Gooseberry is the source of vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus. Amla pickle is popular in India as well in Pakistan. It is prepared
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These are usually locally marketed products. The main unique selling point of these products are manufacturing naturally using organic materials. They don’t use any chemicals or preservatives in the production. So they captured the attention of the customers in wide.

1.3: Need and importance of the topic:
As the title of the project reflects it’s a comparative analysis between homemade products and branded products taking into consideration of pickles of Nammooru Foundation.
Because of the limited financial resources and small scale production, home made players cannot spend more on research. So this study concentrate on helping home made players to get the idea of various factors which plays an important role in working of the business.
The main purpose behind this study is to get knowledge about the factors affecting the consumer behavior while choosing the branded and homemade pickle.
Apart from it, to know the promotional methods and techniques used by the homemade players and branded players. And to ascertain the factors which affects the retailers in placing order and selling of these products.
To get the knowledge about how homemade players are surviving in the competitive market in front of the competition from the big

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