50 First Dates: Movie Review

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50 First Dates – Movie
This movie is a romantic and comedic film done in 2004. The movie stars actress Drew Barrymore as Lucy who is an amnesiac. The term amnesiac means partial or total loss of memory, usually resulting from shock, psychological disturbance, brain injury, or illness. In Lucy’s case she suffered from a brain injury called Goldfield Syndrome which is fictional and not a real diagnosed term. In the movie Lucy and her father had a serious car accident and left Lucy with anterograde amnesia, and because of that she wakes up every morning thinking it is the same day of the accident without any recollection of the accident. Although this movie is fictional, the form of amnesia Lucy experienced can potentially happen in cases
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While in school he meets several people including his roommate Charles Herman, a literature student. Nash is under extreme pressure to publish his own original ideas. His inspiration comes when he and his fellow graduate students discuss how to approach a group of women at a bar. Some years later, Nash is invited to the Pentagon to crack encrypted enemy telecommunication. He considers his regular duties at MIT uninteresting and beneath his talents, so he is pleased to be given a new assignment by his mysterious supervisor, William Parcher of the United States Department of Defense. He is to look for patterns in magazines and newspapers in order to prevent a Soviet plot. Nash becomes increasingly obsessive about searching for these hidden patterns and believes he is followed when he delivers his results to a secret mailbox. Meanwhile, a student, Alicia, asks him to dinner, and the two fall in love. On a return visit to Princeton, Nash runs into Charles and his niece. With Charles ' encouragement, he proposes to Alicia and they marry. Later in the movie he lectures as a guest at Harvard University. In this scene Nash tries to flee from people because he thinks they are foreign Russian agents. After punching someone in an attempt to flee, Nash is forcibly sedated and sent to a psychiatric facility he believes is run by the Soviets. They tell his wife Alicia that Nash has paranoid schizophrenia and that Charles, Marcee, and Parcher his friends from school only exist in his imagination. Alicia investigates and finally confronts Nash with the unopened documents he had delivered to the secret mailbox. Nash is given insulin shock therapy and eventually released from the facility. He becomes frustrated with the side-effects of the antipsychotic medication he is taking. They make him lethargic and unresponsive, so he secretly stops taking it. This
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