Amontillado Monologue

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I a drunk man with a long fellow friend, we were drinking and i of course was already drunk invited him to drink more. We sat and drank all we could, but of course i only focused on me, never looked to see my friend drink. He had told me that a man had insulted me and that my taste for wine was unacceptable in any manner, my drunken mind was angered and wanted to prove my friend that i my taste for wine was the best in the world. He said that he had some “Amontillado” lock away in his safe spot. “Amontillado?” i said curiously, and he would respond with “Yes some Amontillado, the man that insulted you had interesting choice of words when he tasted it”, and he my friend smiled which only interested me more in this Amontillado. Then he asked me if i wanted to try it, i without thinking and in a flash responded “YES!…show more content…
He quickly said “alright, let's go then before we so drunk and fall asleep on the floor haha,just follow me.” We walked and walked until we were for from where we left, and you couldn't hear a thing and then we got to the place, a dark tunnel with just barely enough light to be able to see where you are walking. As we walked through the tunnel he made small talk about our friend ship, strangely i understood what he said but didn't really care, what i wanted was to drink some of that Amontillado. We stopped at one point and asked me “are you sick, because if you want we can go back” i, bothered by this comment said “ NO! I'm fine, let's keep walking i want some of that Amontillado” my mind kept repeating this word over and over again, Amontillado Amontillado Amontillado Amontillado Amontillado, god did i want some Amontillado. As we walked he said the wall Niter and went to the wall and hugged it “Niter?” “yes Niter” he
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