Amory Blaine Character Analysis

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Amory Blaine, the protagonist in F. Scott Fitzgerald 's novel This Side of Paradise, finds his fundamental self through heartbreak, financial trouble, and the influence of his peers and educators. This handsome young man born into a life of wealth and luxury must figure out how to make it on his own in a modernizing world. His analysis of himself arises through heartbreak and grows stronger as his story unfolds. Each girlfriend leaves a scar of insecurity and anguish on his heart. One of his more restricting characteristics is believing he is above his peers. He needs to overcome his egotistical nature and look at the world beyond his narrow point of view. Amory experienced his strongest moment of independence when he defined himself as…show more content…
For example, Amory sent an appreciative message to Monsignor Darcy, one of the more positive figures in the novel, to acknowledge his supportive influence. The message regarding his mother was a reminder of the luxurious lifestyle in which his personality first developed. This background helps to highlight Amory’s self analysis at the end of the novel by showing how much he changed. It is impossible to discuss the character of Amory without mentioning at least one of his former lovers. I put this aspect of his life into one hundred and forty characters by creating a post about Eleanor. I also broadcast a quote from page 176 to highlight this point. I chose to tweet about the women’s march, the refugee crisis, and President Trump’s address to Congress. If he wasn’t in attendance at events such as the march Amory would certainly follow the social media trend of letting everyone know that he was not one to miss out on such a popular movement. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are overflowing with political statements. Amory would definitely add his two cents and take it upon himself to encourage people to become involved. I believe the quote on page 176 is a great summary of the highs and lows of Amory’s life. There is a certain sadness in everything he does, whether it be losing a girlfriend such as Rosalind or role model such as Dick Humbird. This quote also hints at the importance of
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