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“Ampawa”… The Story of Quality Fresh Coconut Milk
Asiatic Agro Industry Co., Ltd was established on October 4, 1994, and throughout its 22 years, Asiatic has been processing and exporting agricultural products of Thailand and is recognised in 77 countries around the world. The company remains its focuses in product development and innovation, particularly products from coconut. With production and processing plants located in the heart of Thailand’s coconut plantation area of 161 Rai in Amphawa district, Samutsongkhram province, the company processes nearly 200,000 coconuts or nearly 100 tonnes a day, which is equal to 60-70 coconuts a year.
Food Focus Thailand had the opportunity to visit the factory producing “Ampawa” - 100% coconut milk
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The selection process of the coconut is done one-by-one as each coconut tree yields different products each season. In order to select the best quality coconut, testing and scientific assessment must be conducted before the coconut is cracked out of its shell. The coconut meat will then be separated between black and white, and only white coconut meat will be used in the coconut milk production process. The separation process requires speed and must be conducted in a controlled environment, where the coconut meat is allowed the slightest exposure to air, in order to retain complete freshness and effectively manage the supply chain. The failure to control the condition could result in shorter shelf-life and the deviating taste and touch of the creamy, juicy coconut…show more content…
This process make the product sterile and has long shelf-life. Bottles of freshly squeezed coconut milk will then be packed into boxed and are ready to be distributed.
Marketing Strategy of the New Generation
What makes “Ampawa” unique under its concept of 100% coconut milk freshly squeezed from the shell is its freshness, hygiene, and safety, as well as the smell and taste that is very much similar to freshly squeezed coconut milk. The product is good for both savoury food and dessert. With package like PET bottle, Ampawa coconut milk is easy to stored and used. The distribution channels cover from convenient store to supermarket, modern trade store and sales outlet across the country.
Nowadays, the production capacity of Ampawa coconut milk is 9,600 tonnes a year. After full marketing campaign is launched in Thailand in 2016, the revenue for Ampawa coconut milk is 500 million baht, and is expected to increase to 1 billion baht in

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