Amra And The Skateboard Analysis

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People should always try new things, but people are too afraid to try it because they are scared. But, I am here to tell you two stories that will teach you how you always try new things. In the story “A Day on the Slopes” by Jaclyn Einis, it talks about a kid named Bobby who goes on a scary slope for the first time, but then tries it for the first time and loves it. The next story “Amra and the Skateboard,” by an Unknown Author, it talks about a girl named Amra who is scared to skate in front of high school kids, but then tries it and likes it. The first story, “A Day on the Slopes”, Bobby was a little afraid at first to go on the giant slope he has never been on before, but once he went on it for the first time, he loves it. That was trying
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