Amreeka Movie Essay

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Everyone has an origins that has impacted them in either a positive or negative way or sometimes even both. The 2009 film Amreeka is directed by Cherien Dabis, and tells us about a remarkable journey between a mother and son in order to find a better life. The film begins with the mother Muna (Nisreen Faour) and son Fadi (Melkar Muallem) living in Pakistan under the harsh rules and regulations of Israeli’s checkpoints to go about their daily routines. When one day Muna goes to open her mail, and stumbles upon a letter which read she now able to obtain her green card. In an effort to give her son a better life Muna and fudi travel to America to stay with Muna’s sister Raghda (Hiam Abbass). Once they reach America, Muna faces the ultimate challenge to regain all her money lost in a cookie tin due to customs not letting the tin to pass. While Muna searches endlessly for jobs, fudi enrolls in a public school where he is bullied and harassed. The film reaches its climax when fudi classmates and friends influence him to be this rough, uptight person he is not and Muna job search fails and she finds herself working at white castle. The films ends with fudi leaning who he really is and what he appericates, and Muna being accepting about where she works. The scene in the movie that stuck out to me the most was when Muna…show more content…
. The checkpoint scene where Muna and fadi are pulled over to check ids and where fadi is harassed, is one of the most important scenes. This scene touches upon lessons from dealing with people that are not very nice, strict rules and regulations and how to obit by them, and lastly that life is hard but it can be dealt with. These aspects are important because they created the person Muna and fudi are today. With your origins you can learn to embrace the good parts and learn for the bad parts and that’s exactly what Muna and Fadi
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