Amsterdam Reflection Statement

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The opportunity to study in Amsterdam gives me so many opportunities to make my degree program of social political justice and expand my capstone thesis on the topic of urban development. I have made my capstone project on the development of Springfield, Massachusetts which was founded by the Puritans who settled in Holland before coming to the United States. The opportunity to study the countries influence in Springfield Massachusetts in relationship to Amsterdam is what I hope to achieve. Studying abroad in Amsterdam with classes revolving around the archeological history of the people of Amsterdam and the significance of global trade routes leads me to write about these interlocking connections. I would like to continue to expand upon this research from the past semester while increasing my own understanding of these historical events. Through these global connections and storytelling I would like to continue to…show more content…
To have the opportunity to be in this community and get to know its people and learn new stories of this world continues to be the goal of studying abroad through the historical memories of its people. As a hopeless American who still believes humans can be good, I find myself continuously moved by Ann Franks story. The transformation of this young girl changed the world, in my eyes, through her diary. She treasured so much, and learned life was not about commodities but what destruction these commodities produced around the world. The intense energy in the historical site makes the research, the reading, and getting to better understand the situation through her eyes, deeply moving and still impacts my way of thinking and treating other
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