Amusing Ourselves To Death: A Personal Reflection

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Entertainment; though only one word among our extensive AP vocabularies, it is a word that signals many red flags in the minds of those who read Amusing Ourselves to Death. While the concept of letting our valuable time and powerful minds go to waste sits on high alert on our radars, we will always often look for the little bits of fun in even the most boring of situations. Coming into junior AP English, I was not anticipating the numerous amounts of life changing perspectives and discussions that came our way; however, I can safely say that the teacher I received on my schedule managed to gracefully walk along the tightrope between educational and entertaining. The entertainment factor in the classroom setting personally assists me in grasping concepts and lessons quicker and easier than just sitting in a lecture hall, yet too much fun and games only results in frustration for the students in the top of their graduating class. Based on the given descriptions, the candidates listed for the senior AP English positions are not necessarily as good at walking along the fine line between learning all that we can and having a…show more content…
Bowman with different sets of experiences to expand his knowledge base. This in turn would allow him to have a higher potential of relating to any type of student at Andrew and a greater advantage of aiding his students on their road to success. His personal life experiences are more likely to draw the typical high school student in and result in them having a certain sense of comfort to be able to learn however they must. Additionally, senior year in essence heightens the necessity of learning life skills to be on our own after we leave the doors of Andrew. Most students are less concerned with learning the trigonometry functions and what chemical reacts with what than they are about learning how to give presentations and speak publically
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