Amusing Ourselves To Death Analysis

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Whether it is Postman’s text on the truth of our society engaging the written word or The Wire’s statement of causality and identification, there are multiple personal connections from the material that are relatable to one another.
In Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death, readers learn that the written word is being replaced and even ignored. Print word was the media metaphor at the time, influencing discourse and classifying inferences in our history. Though, as explained by Postman, typography and exposition are replaced by show business and entertainment (Postman 63); this statement is truly relevant in our culture and can be seen in The Wire. With most characters denying their education and picking up troubled forms of entertainment, the print culture is ignored and misunderstood. It is clear that the characters in the show do not care or hold intellectual readiness to understand the educated print works; they go after the simpler leisure’s of society, like working on the streets to get easy cash.
The Wire and Serial showed people rejecting help, to better benefit themselves. In episode two of The Wire, Michael refuses to take Marlo’s money, even though it would benefit him greatly. Michael doesn’t take the money because he doesn’t want to owe someone for something he wants to earn himself. He does
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She sets the scene showing multiple reasons and supportive accounts that Adnan could be lying for another reason. I believe that the Serial Podcast will expose Adnan’s case to show that he is innocent. The majority of the case was skewed by Jay’s testimony of Adnan, but through the first few podcasts it sounds like he is lying about Adnan’s actions. If Jay is lying about Adnan’s statements and actions, then the chances of Adnan being innocent are higher. My theory is that Adnan did not kill Hae, and that there may be a deeper story in the case that was closed too
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